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My name is Jared Stevens and I am from South Boston, Virginia. I am currently attending Old Dominion University where I am majoring in Cybersecurity. In my free time, I enjoy coding projects such as this one, playing guitar, and gaming. My goal is to one day obtain a job doing what I love for good money, whether that job be cybersecurity, web development, or a different STEM field.

About this Page

This page was designed and created by me using HTML and CSS coding in tangent with Bootstrap, and the server is built using Github. I designed this page with the intention of not only displaying my computer skills, but also to show off my personality. I plan to use this page as a portfolio of my skills to display for potential employers.

Along with my projects, this page also has resources available for other struggling programmers like myself such as C++ source code. Also included is contact information and photos of myself for potential employers to get in touch with me.